ATTENTION: My practice is open and actively accepting new clients. Please feel free to ask me about the measures we’ve put in place to keep you safe and healthy on-site. I look forward to your call or message!

Let’s build something together.

Why do I think this way, feel this way, or behave this way? Why did that happen to me? Why does he/she do this? What now? Is change possible? Can the future be different?

My name is David Antonetti, and I look forward to helping you answer those questions! I’ve grounded my therapy practice in a person-centered, community-oriented model of treatment; one that recognizes compassion, authenticity, and respect for our shared humanity, as no less important than the evidence-based treatments I provide. Central to this model is a belief that people are best served not in large, impersonal, institutional settings, but in small community settings, where they live and where more authentic connection is possible; and a conviction that psychotherapy must be delivered in a warm, empathetic, and approachable manner, before healing can take place.

Whether your struggles are longstanding or recent, overwhelming or just plain confusing, there are answers to be found. Please review the information on this site, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m ready to begin the scientifically-based, compassionate, shared journey of unlocking the potential you already possess. Let’s build something together!

What should I expect?

The Art of Family North County Family Counseling Center

A simple, efficient, paperless intake process.

A confidential and secure client portal.

A complimentary hot beverage station.

A work / homework station and complimentary wi-fi.

A safe, comfortable, therapeutic environment.

A custom-tailored diagnosis and treatment plan.

A breadth of clinical experience.

A warm, empathetic, holistic approach to healing.

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